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2019 Predictions, Digital Fairytales & Engineers taking over Marketing Technology.

First of all: Happy new year to all of you! Here are the blogposts & articles that inspired me t

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My bi-weekly newsletters are about Marketing, Data & Technology featuring awesome posts from all across the web that I found interesting and wanted to share with you.

First of all: Happy new year to all of you!
Here are the blogposts & articles that inspired me the most in the past couple of weeks. I’ve added a short reasoning why I liked them, hope you find something useful among them.
A Marketoonist cartoon to start off the year the right way. I don’t think this one needs a lot of explanation.

With the start of a new year, there is no shortage of “list posts”. This one stood out to me because it cuts through the bullshit and focusses on value. Great read.
Top seven digital fairy tales no one will believe anymore in 2019

This great post on Medium zooms in on the differences between Design Thinking, The Lean Startup method and the Agile framework. It’s easy to confuse them with each other but they actually complement each other throughout different stages of a company.
Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile: What is the difference?

The fields of Marketing and Technology have been overlapping more and more each year. But this posts argues that it’s not necessarily a good thing. With more and more engineers available, increasingly they are doing a better job than what “plug & play” marketing tools can do with semi-technical marketers running them. Interesting viewpoint and I think I agree based on my experience over the last 5 years at my clients…
The Problems With Martech, and Why Martech is Actually for Engineers | Casey Accidental

Somebody dug up some interesting slidedecks by Google that walk through a lot of UX best practices as a sort of checklist. Although it won’t rock your world, I do think it’s a nice checklist to walk through for your own website and see if you’ve ticked the boxes!
Google’s ‘Secret’ Retail Playbook Summary

This is a small posts but it really enforced what I’ve been experiencing for the last couple of years while working with clients. There is a lot of focus on collecting data of already ongoing processes and on doing analysis on old data. Although this can definitely help you optimize these processes, in a lot of cases your “analytics firepower” can yield a higher ROI by focussing on the exploration of potential new services, businesses and ideas.
Data that you need is worth gold, not data that you already have

I want to end the newsletter with this great post by the AdContrarian. In this posts he hypothesizes on why we haven’t seen the creation of true “CPG brands” through pure online advertising. His theory is, that because online ads are “private” and “targeted to you”, you don’t know if the product you’re seeing is what your peers in your social circle would like. And because thats what people care about the most, digital targeted advertising is not good for building brands. Something to think about!
Why Online Ads Haven't Built Brands
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